The best uses for a VPN

What can you do with a good VPN connection ?

The best uses for a VPN

Another common use of VPN connections is in the P2P downloads, which in these times is usually synonymous with download from BitTorrent. Until I put a patch on the eye, a wooden leg and make me go through the keel, VPN connections also have uses in the P2P download although you went down completely legal torrents.

Unfortunately is becoming common that Internet providers decide to stick their noses in how we ship and receive zeros and ones in the network, and although they love us to visit normal web pages, that you download not makes them so funny: too much traffic, and also probably are downloading something illegal.

Some providers block full P2P downloads, while others simply boycotting it to make it malfunction and give yourself up. Like that you can use a VPN connection to avoid censorship in your country, also you can sometimes avoid your Internet provider to boycott your P2P downloads.

Advantages of VPN connections

Now that we know what is a VPN connection and what it is, it is time to summarize a list of advantages and disadvantages posed by the use of this technology. First, the part positive:

Works in all the applications, as routed all the traffic of Internet, to difference of them servers proxy, that only can use in the browser web and a handful of applications rather than you leave configure the options of connection advanced.

It connects and disconnects easily. A time set, you can activate and deactivate the connection to your cravings.
Security further in points of access WiFi, provided the connection is encrypted, clear

Fake your location, as already have seen in the paragraph above, a connection VPN is a mode effective of avoid the censorship or access to content limited to certain region.
Your provider of Internet not can know to what you do in Internet. Not you feel that your provider of Internet knows that you raisins hours watching videos of kittens in YouTube? With a VPN does not know that you do, but eye, that Yes it will know the company that manages the VPN.

Things that you should keep in mind

So far all very nice, use connections VPN seems to be full of advantages: more security, enhanced privacy, geographical locks diving… Until you launch to buy a VPN service or sign up for free, there are a few sections that you must take into account:

  • The price. Although there are free VPN services, you can obviously not expect much from them, because they will often be very limited, will be very slow or non-very legit. There are some exceptions, however.
  • The speed suffers. The difference between connect to Internet directly or your data to chart a path that passes through half the world can be overwhelming. If your VPN server is far away, you will experience high latency when it comes to browsing the Web. In addition to latency, it is normal that the speed of download and upload maximum are limited.
  • Your safety is not infallible. This already I have said several times, but it is never more to repeat it. Just because the connection icon have a lock does not mean that the connection is secure, especially if we are talking about the Protocol PPTP-based VPN connections.
  • Not always they can fake your location. Especially in the mobile, there is growing more technologies by which you can triangulate and approximate your location further than your IP address.
  • They do not provide you anonymity. Use a VPN does not imply that browsing is anonymous. The winning combination for a greater anonymity, if we make case to Edward Snowden, is to use a VPN and Tor connection at the same time.

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