Instagram marketing for Companies

The latest app changes on Instagram will help your company grow online

Instagram marketing for Companies

This week the Instagram finally began to release business tools, Business Tools for Brazilian users, the tool had already been released in the United States in July and here some users have tried to use it via VPN.

Jim Squires, Director of market operations of Instagram, says half of 500,000,000 users follow a profile of companies and the Brazil, the second largest community present in the application with its 35,000,000 of users already can benefit from the tool.

To identify how would be produced the tool searches were made and analyzed data to plot a strategy that could differentiate corporate profiles.

Business profile facilitates the management of your business online because it directs the way how to improve their practices.


For the company faster for communication with the likely buyer the greater the chances of finalizing the purchase. With the addition of the contact button where it will be exposed phone number, email address or business address, is faster and more convenient service.


Another win was the addition of measurement data of the profile, a sort of insights from their data, the user can identify the scope of its activities, the impact of the impressions of your posts, gender, age and location of his followers. Facilitates the targeting of your audience to identify a strategy that gave more right, more fun, and how to develop new campaigns from these new posts.

Posts by promoted

Linking the facebook page the user can promote your posts. Below the picture will be a link to view information and another to promote, and you can do directly from your mobile phone, then just set the public budget that you want to achieve and for how long.

However the resource to promote posts and the “learn more” button are not available yet, but they should arrive in the next few months.

The conditions to get an account

Change your account to a business account requires some requirements, the account must have at least 100 followers and be linked to a facebook page, requested at the beginning of the register, and this profile can only be connected to a single page of facebook.

And for you, what has changed with the arrival of the business tool? What could further improve its performance? Choose the best strategy to use, use the information to their audience and reach even more results.

Each entrepreneur is in a business to make money. If you want to increase the reputation of your brand and start increasing sales for profit, then you need to start generating content that your audience can only consume. And not just any content – but it’s visual content. This means that the Instagram should be at the top of the list for the promotion of your brand. True, if you are selling a tangible product or related services company. The visual content has 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks than any other type of content. That’s why more than 70% of traders are relying on Visual assets in their marketing strategies. The Instagram is 100% visual, and the community has grown to over 400,000,000 of users. That’s reason enough for you to leverage this service by using these tips to increase your sales and brand visibility.

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