Reasons to Watch The 2016 Olympics after Russian Ban

Russian Athletes have been banned from the Rio Olympics – Some reasons why you should still watch the games

Reasons to Watch The 2016 Olympics after Russian Ban

Although confirm Russian team ban, open Committee except for competitors to prove not to have used doping. They, however, will have to undergo additional testing to ensure participation.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed on Tuesday (21/06) the decision of the International Athletics Federation (Iaaf) to ban Russians athletics competitions in the games in Rio.

However, according to the IOC, any competitor of Russia that want to participate in the Games in August will have to be evaluated and declared fit by their respective International Sports Federation.

According to the IOC President, Thomas Bach, these competitors will be evaluated individually and will go through tests applied by the Iaaf. Athletes declared clean by the Court of arbitration for sport will also participate in the Rio 2016. In addition, your membership must be approved by Russia, live streaming will be available for citizens all around the world to watch the games online.

“Due to the Declaration of non-compliance with [the World Anti-Doping Agency] about Russia and Kenya and substantial allegations concerning, the Olympic Summit believes that the presumption of innocence in athletics in those countries was put seriously in question,” said Bach.

The IOC President added that if the competitors from Russia have been approved, they will compete as members of the Russian Olympic Committee, denied the rumors that athletes could take part in the games under a neutral flag or Olympic Games.

The President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, said that competitors Russians will appeal the decision by the Court of arbitration for sport. Bach has ensured that those who have had the ban overturned by the Court will be able to participate in the Olympic Games.
“Our position is clear: we respect the decision of the Iaaf. Please be advised to competitors and the Russian Committee that an appeal is possible. This is a right for all. Let’s wait for the results of the Court “, reinforced Bach.
The International Athletics Federation decided last week to keep the suspension to all competitors Russian Athletics Championships, amid the scandal that linked several athletes in the country to a systematic program of doping.

The decision was made after the release of another report from Wada on doping in Russia, one of the superpowers in athletics. With names like the jumper Yelena Isinbayeva, the country was second in the medals table in athletics in the 2012 Games.
Besides Russia, Kenya faces a similar problem. The measure approved by the IOC on Tuesday will also be applied to Kenyan competitors in athletics.

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